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The position of tyrannosaurs (was Re: Armour Symposium Recollections)

> Phil Currie observed that _Aublysodon_-like teeth are more common in
> sediments than in Judithian ones (although the type, _A. mirandus_, is
> Judith River).  He proposed that perhaps these represent the premaxillary
> teeth of juvenile _Tyrannosaurus_ and its closest relatives.  Yikes!
> Interesting thought.  However, the problem remains that one might very
> be able to generate _Aublysodon_-type teeth by erosion and/or digestion of
> run-of-the-mill tyrannosaurid-type premax teeth.

However, it seems that what HP George Olshevsky's "Tyrannosauroid
Implosions" about them is largely accepted now... That went fast. That is
the fastest paradigm shift (well, a small one) I ever saw in a science,

> * Inclusion of _Eotyrannus_ and _Stokesosaurus_ (and a couple others) to
> SVP2K matrix results in some changes:
> ** Tyrannosaurids are coelurosaurs, but lie outside Maniraptoriformes.
> (Just outside, but outside).

:-( Arctometatarsalia looks so plausible...
What is inside Maniraptoriformes?