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RE: The position of tyrannosaurs (was Re: Armour Symposium Recollections)

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> David Marjanovic
> However, it seems that what HP George Olshevsky's "Tyrannosauroid
> Implosions" about them is largely accepted now... That went fast. That is
> the fastest paradigm shift (well, a small one) I ever saw in a science,

Uh, yeah...

Please note that Olshevsky's "tyrannosauroid implosion" represents
Dinogeorge's accepting taxonomic decisions many of the rest of us agreed
upon since the late 1990s, via Thom Carr's work and others.

> > * Inclusion of _Eotyrannus_ and _Stokesosaurus_ (and a couple others) to
> my
> > SVP2K matrix results in some changes:
> > ** Tyrannosaurids are coelurosaurs, but lie outside Maniraptoriformes.
> > (Just outside, but outside).
> :-( Arctometatarsalia looks so plausible...

Tell me about. Of course, phylogenetic analyses are ANALYSES, and not the
truth, and who knows: tyrannosauroids and troodontids and others may yet be
found closer to ornithomimosaurs than to birds.

> What is inside Maniraptoriformes?

Ornithomimosaurs plus Coelurus plus Scipionyx plus Maniraptora (containing
the oviraptorosaur-therizinosaur clade and the
alvarezsaurid-troodontid-dromaeosaurid-bird clade).

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