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More on JP3

The Sunday, May 13 New York Times has an article "Sequels and Remakes - Aiming 
to be the Same but, You Know, Different," by Rick Lyman.  Jurassic Park 3 is 
mentioned, along with comments from the animation supervisor.  From the 

"Initially, animators were scrupulous about creating dinosaurs that were as 
scientifically accurate as possible in height, look and behavior. Now, he said, 
if a certain scene calls for a creature to be bigger or faster or meaner than 
it actually was, scientific slack is cut in the cause of heightened thrills. 
'This time,' he said, 'coolness rules.' "  

There is a 65' tall Spinosaurus (no word on how long it is :-)) and 170 
dinosaur shots in the movie, which opens July 18.