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Re: Armour Symposium Recollections

"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:

At the Feathered Dinosaur talk, Currie mentioned the possibility of
skinned tyrannosaurids!!  Apparently some skin impressions were found in
repreparation of the type of _G. libratus_ decades ago, and these lacked
mosaic scales.  Additionally, he said there are patches on some Dinosaur
Park specimens showing this.  As he mentioned, it may be that these
impressions are more common than we appreciate, but because they lack
bumpiness of traditional dinosaur skin impressions they were missed by
for decades.  Unfortunately, no images of these impressions.  Much food
  Thom, I assumed that he meant that there were no FEATHERS found on
Albertosaurs.  I'm I correct in thinking that "naked" skin means mosaic
patterned skin?  Or is the naked skin some kind of epidermus like a
plucked chicken or a humans?
  Pehaps I was too busy drawing you guys as you talked and wasn't paying
attention in class.

David Krentz