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Re: Armour Symposium Recollections

<I also second the motion for DML t-shirts.  The only hard part is deciding
which listmember to illustrate it (certainly not myself).>

With the artists I've seen around here, the idea that only one would be
represented feels like a missed opportunity.  In particular because so many
strange animals could appear that would otherwise never be represented.
When I read about the idea, I thought about having an anchisaur, for
example, portrayed with a background accurately hinting at the predecessor
to my own back yard.
Imagine, people not compelled to represent the biggest or the meanest or the
best known, and not with the usual 'nature red in fang and claw' stuff, but
maybe grazing or asleep or running or even impassively watching.  The
artists here are good enough to show how alien this earth can be.
So, assuming the artists' interest, I'd suggest, rather than a lot of copies
of a single t-shirt or sweat shirt, a series of limited editions.  This
might limit the profit, but it would definitely be fascinating.