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Re: T-J Extinction event article (more media errors?)

On Mon, 14 May 2001 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> "8.1. In order for a name to be established under the PhyloCode, the name
> and other required information must be submitted to the PhyloCode
> registration database. A name may be submitted to the database prior to
> acceptance for publication, but it is not registered (i.e., given a
> registration number) until the author notifies the database that the
> paper or book in which the name will appear has been accepted for
> publication."
> Right now, if I want to establish a taxonomic name, all I have to do is
> publish it in a publication, which is suitably defined under the ICZN. I
> don't have to "register" it anywhere. Under the PhyloCode, the name would
> >have< to be "submitted" to the database. That right there strikes me as
> irksome.

But less irksome in the long run. It would be far easier to check for
preoccupied names, to look up particulars on any given name, etc. And
registration is not a mammoth task, anyway. You go to a webpage and fill
out a few forms. It'd take you about 5-15 minutes per taxon, which is
minuscule compared to the amount of time spent writing the paper. I think
the benefits outweigh the time spent registering. A database with the
definition, citation, etc. of every single formal taxon! Think of it!

(Further details on registration, BTW, can be found at

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