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Solnhofen trip

Hello everybody,

Thanks to anyone who made suggestions for the Solnhofen trip Ilja and I made. 
They were very usefull. We started of in Berlin, visited the Humbold to check 
out good old Brachiosaurus. I almost couldn't believe the size of that 
creature. It is right next 
to Diplodocus who looks actually tiny compared to that mountain of bones. We 
studied some books you people advised, took notes, got even more information 
then we hoped for thanks to the very helpfull woman who worked there. Next stop 
was Solnhofen. It 
did take some time to get there, but eventually we made it and it was well 
worth it. The scenery there is beautifull. The museum is somewhat small 
(especially for all you American folks out there :-), but very beautifull and 
gives shelter to some of the 
best fossils I have ever seen. At the moment they also have a gigantic 
pterosaur at display with a wingspan in excess of 10 meters (sorry, forgot the 
name). Awesome.... We also got the chance to talk to Gunter Viohl: he was very 
helpfull and really took 
the time to tell us his ideas and clarified his points/ideas/speculations with 
proof in the fossil record. If you ever have the chance to go there: do it. We 
also got the chance to do some diggin' ourselves. We got ourselves in our 'Paul 
Sereno' gear (we 
forgot all tools except the clothes) and made the best of it. Did find some 
small prints of shells and some 'starfish' like prints which are still a 
mystery to me. And dendrites ofcourse.
It was a fun trip, we got some gooooood information, met the right people to 
help us out and we actually also got some work done already. The project is 
starting to get off the ground. Hopefully we can make something good out of it.
Thanks to anyone out there who gave some advice, especially David Marjanovic 
who gave me more than 2 a4's of data.

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