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Re: DML T-shirts anyone? And Armour Symposiums

I also vote aye, for the t-shirts! I would also be interested in submitting
artwork if I had some idea for a timeline for submissions.

I must also voice to the list, what a great pleasure it was to finally meet
many of you at the Armour Symposium this last weekend. The wonderful folks
at the Field Museum did an excellent job, thank you! Many thanks to HP's
Michael Skrepnick, John Lanzendorf, Tom Holtz, Jr. and David Krentz to name
just a few, for making this weekend very special to me. I look forward to
seeing many of you again at the SVP meeting in October.

Cheers everyone!
Todd Marshall

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Subject: DML T-shirts anyone?

> No, I'm not selling Dinosaur Mailing List T-shirts
> (yet)....I would still need authorization from the
> list owners and probably USC, but I would like to know
> how many of you would like to own one or two (or a few
> million) if they were available. We have a lot of
> excellent paleo-artists on the DML, so maybe they
> should draw out a T-shirt design and submit them for
> approval to other HP's....It'd be nice to be
> recognized as a list member and have somethin stylish
> to wear at SVP meetings. Just testing the
> water....lemme hear from ya
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