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Re: Tim's theory

A theory which attributes extinction to tyrannosaurs makes a very obvious prediction: the survival of taxa beyond their reach e.g. birds, which could fly away and next in trees, mammals, which were nocturnal, burrowing or arboreal, and freshwater creatures which were also generally
Ah, so those mean-ol' tyrannosaurs were hunting mosasaurs and the like then?
In all seriousness, I feel that this idea has a pretty large flaw; the appearance of tyrannosaurids. IIRC, there's a tyrannosaurid braincase from the Jurassic, and I'm sure that there are at least a few other fossils from the early K that I'm forgetting. Or, are you saying that only _Tyrannosaurus_ had an impact?
Also, do you have a ref or two for that KT date being off for the Yucatan? I've heard of that before, and I'd like to read something about it.

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