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RE: The position of tyrannosaurs (was Re: Armour Symposium Recollections)

> From: Mike Taylor [mailto:mike@tecc.co.uk]
> Like this?
>       Coelurosauria
>       |--Tyrannosauria
>       `--Maniraptoriformes
>          |--_Coelurus_
>          |--_Scipionyx_
>          |--Ornithomimosauria
>          `--Maniraptora
>             |--+--Oviraptorosauria
>             |  `--Therizinosauria
>             `--+--Alvarezsauria
>                |--Troodontidae
>                |--Dromaeosauridae
>                `--Aves

Actually, like that, except for the paravian part of the clade, which came
out as:
Alvarezsauridae + (Troodontidae + (Dromaeosauridae + Avialae))

However, for purposes of this analysis all these were coded as single OTUs,
so it could well be that breaking them up into several component taxa (as,
for example, I did at SVP2K) might result in a different topology.

> Do you have any truck with the concept of Eumaniraptora, or has that
> group gone the way of all (extinct) flesh?

As you can see above, Eumaniraptora is alive and well and showing up in my

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