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RE: The 'New' Natural History Museum

<<An important idea for some time has been the human capacity for direct
mastery of the natural world.  Science was encouraged because it provided
the knowledge and tools for this mastery.>>

At the risk of starting a philosophical discussion:
I realize that historically this is the case, however, I think it is pretty
evident that humans as a species are quite vulnerable.  Science can provide
certain solutions to problems, but we have by no means mastered our
universe.  Otherwise, bacteria wouldn't have developed a resistance to
antibiotics, etc!

<<Opposition to humanism has acomponent of opposition to science.
Separating science from control or practical understanding or use of natural
forces is an interesting proposition.>>

I have no opposition to science, in fact I believe it is vital to the human
race.  I am majoring in the sciences afterall!  My view of Science is that
it is a quest for truth and understanding, not control. I don't suggest we
separate science from "practical understanding or use of natural forces",
however, I hesitate to say that we can control these forces with sciences.
They can be manipulated for a time perhaps, but not controlled.

Randall Irmis