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Re: Fwd: Models

Wild Skies Models (original name - Pterotech) offers seven different pterosaur
models, including Eudimorphodon (1 m), Dsungaripterus (3 m), Tapejara (1.5 m),
Dimorphodon (? m), and Ramphorhyncus (? m).  They are disigned for R/C slope
soaring, and are NOT ornithopters.  The Tapejara is considered to be the most
difficult to trim and to fly because of the large head crest.  Some of the 
have 'head rudders'.  (as most of you probably already know, pterosaurs 
did not use their heads for primary yaw control because of the extremely sudden
and erratic yaw forces produced by flow reversals along the head and crest, and
this appears to be one of the reasons that the longest necked pterosaurs could
not afford large crests).  The model wings are kevlar skins with a carbon fiber
leading edge.  Bodies are carbon, requiring the antenna to be on the outside of
the body.  The models do not use the uropatagium for command authority, so act 
flying wings which makes CG location very critical.  In front view, they do not
exhibit the inverted catenary-like curve of membrane wings and the outer wing
'roach' seems a bit extreme.  They are available with either wing-warping or
elevons.  All in all, I think they are neat looking, but I don't know how well
they handle.  Keep in mind that they are slope soarers, so require fairly steady
winds rising over a ridge or hill.  I think prices run from about US $250 to

Address is:
Wild Skies Models
Beate Altenburg, Isardamm 16b
82538 Geretsried, Germany
Ph (01149) 8171-62222
e-mail wild-skies-models@t-online.de

Hope this helps,
Jim Cunningham

Raymond Ancog wrote:

> >Hi
> >Do you know of a Manufacturer of Radio control models of Any of the flying
> >dinosaurs.
> >I have read about Paul MacCreadys model but I have been told there is a
> >company that manufactures Radio controled models. If you know the company or
> >any details could you let me know.
> >
> >Many thanks