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Re: Fwd: Models

Another passing thought.

It would be fairly easy and reasonably inexpensive to scratch-build a standoff
scale pterosaur R/C slope soarer using cheap Wal-Mart fiberglas or carbon fiber
fishing poles for wingspars (price about $6-$15) with bi-elastic polyurethane
coated fabric for propatagium, brachiopatagium, and uropatagium membranes (this
fabric is used for waterproof sheets and is available retail from medical supply
houses as sheets).  Aktinofibrils can be simulated with Fiberglas, kevlar, or
carbon strands (or even hair from a horse's mane and tail attached with spray-on
contact cement).  Note that when loaded the typical pterosaurian aktinofibril
pattern in the outer wing will cause the camber to cusp down near the trailing
edge rather than decreasing monotonically or cusping upward as in the
Aerovironment QN replica (Paul did that upward cusp deliberately to reduce the
replica's airfoil pitching moment to compensate for the retracted legs).   Neck
and leg spars could be done similarly with carved foam for bulking out the head,
neck, legs, and inner wings.  I would recommend using a piezo-gyro to assist 
pitch stabilization and wing-sweep.


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> >Hi
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