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My classification of coelurosaurs

Dear All,
I decided to begin seriously contructing a cladisto-eclectic classification of Order Saurischiformes. Below is my preliminary classification of coelurosaurs, plus its immediate allosaurid sister group (so it is really a classification of the avetheropod clade).
Please note that I recognize broader families (as traditionalists tend to do). Perhaps the tyrannosaur implosion of genera could translate into a slight implosion of family taxa as well (more like mine)? In any case, comments are welcome.
-----Ken Kinman
Order Saurischiformes (in part)
4 Allosauridae (= Carnosauria sensu stricto)
5A Ornitholestidae (possibly paraphyletic)
B Compsognathidae
6 Tyrannosauridae
? Coeluridae
7 Ornithomimidae
8 Therizinosauridae
9 Caudipter(yg)idae
_a_ Oviraptoridae
10A Alvarezsauridae
B Avimimidae
11 Troodontidae (position very uncertain)
12 Dromaeosauridae (= Deinonychosauria)
13 Plesion _Rahonavis_
14 {{Aves}}
NOTES: For those of you who recognize a single clade for Therizinosauridae, Caudipteridae, and Oviraptoridae---- you would simply change the 9 to 8B (and then renumber 10-14 to 9-13). The capital letters indicate subclades (the main clades are numbered in the order they split off). The coding symbol _a_ shows that Oviraptoridae is an exgroup from Caudipteridae. You could combine them into an expanded holophyletic Oviraptoridae, but I wouldn't recommend this (because it could become doubly paraphyletic if the cladograms change significantly). Also note that I only put in one plesion, but others may be added when the classification is completed. And the {{Aves}} marker shows the cladistic placement the exgroup Class Aves. Sister group "nesting" is not sacrificed as in traditional eclectic classifications.
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