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Shortisquama etc - can anyone translate Japanese?

Somebody sent me this, from a Japanese webpage, which I think relates to the evolution of birds. The site also features stuff on _Apsaravis_ and _Protopteryx_.


Can anyone on the DML read Japanese?



Potter, H. A new Longisquama-like archosaur from the Middle Triassic of Shazamisutan, and a re-descliption [sic] of Longisquama.; North Carolina Jounal of Paornithology 4(1) 3-14

?@?±?Ì?V?í?????M?X?N?A?}?Þ?ÍShortisquama insipidus?Æ?µ?Ä?L?Ú?³?ê?Ü?µ?½?B?u?H?v?ª?????M?X?N?A?}?æ?è?Z?¢?»?¤?Å?·?B?ï?Á?È?Ì?ª?u?H?v?Í?½?Ì?½?ß?É? ?Á?½?©?H?É?Î?·?é???B?ß?H?Ò?Ì?@?æ?ð?H?Ì?æ?[?Å?­?·?®?Á?Ä?­?µ?á?Ý?³?¹?A?g?ð?ç?é?i?I?j?Æ?¢?¤?Ë???q?à?È?¢?¼?à?ª?å?Ü?¶?ß?É?ñ?¥?³?ê?Ä?¢?Ü?·?B???Í?Þ?ë?ñ???ó?É?g?Á?½?Æ?v?¢?Ü?·?¯?Ç?B

The paper is purely fictitious sent by me to the DML on April Fool's Day, earlier this year. Also there are non-papers on _Nopscaornis flamboyans_ and the unfortunate fungus-ridden theropods. I hope some poor Japanese college student doesn't quote any of these references in a term paper. (My wife - a TA - informs me that it's not uncommon for students to base part of their papers on info they lifted from the Internet, and assume it is accurate.)



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