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Re: Shortisquama etc - can anyone translate Japanese?

> http://www.survival-family.com/origin.htm

In case he takes them serious (seems so, as other pages contains links to
serious DML posts): junichi-banda@ma3.justnet.ne.jp
However, I can't read Japanese...

Anyway, I wonder he apparently doesn't know Harry Potter, this has been
translated even into Chinese...

Yesterday I wrote I would write lots of things about the K-T today (nothing
new, just a compilation). I'll never write "tomorrow" again... I don't have
time before the weekend :-]. Just so much -- AFAIK there were no marsupials
in Asia in the Cenozoic. How come?

A possible explanation for the selectivity of mass extinctions (ref later)
is that the susceptibility to pyrotoxins (originate in forest fires, and the
K-T bolide did start worldwide forest fires, apparently 10 % of all biomass
on land burned) varies a lot between species. Rather untestable, though.