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Re: Shortisquama etc - can anyone translate Japanese?

David Marjanovic wrote:

In case he takes them serious (seems so, as other pages contains links to
serious DML posts): [snip]
Anyway, I wonder he apparently doesn't know Harry Potter, this has been
translated even into Chinese...

There was no mention of Mickey's _Carnopteryx volanticus_, the flying allosaur from Liaoning.

A possible explanation for the selectivity of mass extinctions (ref later)
is that the susceptibility to pyrotoxins (originate in forest fires, and the
K-T bolide did start worldwide forest fires, apparently 10 % of all biomass
on land burned) varies a lot between species. Rather untestable, though.

Unfortunately, forest fires are all too common in Australia (especially when the February Dragons roar through). I don't believe anyone has compared the susceptibility of various components of the fauna to pyrotoxins.

I have heard that koalas often show greater survival rates than other marsupials during bushfires. Kangaroos tend to tear-ass through the burning forest in a blind panic (literally), which often increases their chances of injury. By contrast, koalas just stay up in the trees, petrified with fear and not moving a muscle. It's a "strategy" that pays off. Koalas are incredibly cute and cuddly, and I love them to death, but they're also one of the dumbest mammals ever to inhabit planet Earth - even dumber than sheep (or so I've been told). Not sure if they're dumber than sloths.



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