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Re: DML T-shirts anyone?

At 11:10 PM 5/14/2001, APCL (All Powerful Co-Leader) Mary wrote:
As long as it's not bowling shirts at the DML Breakfast.

< If allowed, I think that this would be a wonderful idea. We certainly see this work. >
Maybe Darrell Jones and Waylon Rowley would like to be in charge of
assembling a workable plan and then reporting progress to the list?

I would certainly be willing to help in this process. I have no expertise in this process, but I am willing to do something like offer webspace for art choices to vote on. I am also willing to help in other ways, but (again) have never done anything like it before.

HP Harris added:
>    Might I also suggest the much-less commercial Paleoartisans:
> http://members.tripod.com/~paleoartisans/ as a possibility...?

Even if we went with an organization like this, we would still need a logo for the mailing list. I still like the idea of the URL for the archives on the back as well. I would be willing to have a logo contest page to send entries to and to vote from in this case. Is this agreeable to others?

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