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Re: Shortisquama etc (wry American humour)

I remember responding to someone on this list (from the Mid East, as I recall) who was frustrated by attempts to get copies of Tim's fictional papers. Once I explained that we have this strange custom over here on April 1st, he then realized what had happened. Too bad the Japanese student didn't read those posts.
Several years ago, someone at the University played a Christmas joke with the back half of a Santa Claus sticking out of one of those little pet entrances in a door. Two Japanese students got extremely agitated, thinking it was a real person stuck in there. It was like watching Candid Camera. Cracks me up every time I remember the looks on their faces (jaws dropped and eyes wide open)---- American style humor definitely gave them a huge dose of culture shock (but it even took one elderly American woman by surprise). That joke was not repeated the next Christmas (or ever since AFAIK).
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