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Re: _Eotyrannus_ illustration

Hi, All!
    *Velociraptor* must have been evolving a larger size, along with

>>In its heyday Eotyrannus lengi may have resembled velociraptors, the
terrifying, horse-sized pack hunters portrayed in the movie "Jurassic Park."

(from the article)

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Subject: _Eotyrannus_ illustration

> Out of curiosity, does anyone know which artist illustrated _Eotyrannus
> lengi_ in the following article...
> http://dsc.discovery.com/news/reu/20010514/newdino.html
> Is that drawing really by Darren Naish, or are the publishers crediting
> with the photo since it's from his paper (presumably.  I have yet to see
> paper, myself.)?  Looks almost Paul-ish in form.
> Thanks!
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