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Re: DML T-shirts anyone?

<However, I rather like the idea of having an official logo for the DML,
perhaps representing the land, air and sea creatures that we discuss.>

A suggestion for the logo, with an intro:

You are young, and taken to a mysterious place.  There's a small hole in the
earth, and you crawl inside alone.  The tunnel is dark and narrow and
silent, and it seems to go on and on to the heart of a mountain.  Flecks of
earth come off the walls as you pass, and you know that if you were trapped
you'd be alone forever.
Then you tumble into a larger area, and the time for your echoes to return
tells you the area is small, but it seems large now.  Then hands pull you up
and a light appears and you see people and rock and pictures of animals on
the wall, dimly.  As you walk quickly through a maze, you see animals you've
hunted, whose spirits you've asked to forgive you, and animals who could
kill you, and their stillness  makes you alert, watchful.
Then you come into a huge cavern, not a few lights, but many.  The walls and
ceilings are covered with animals, some in three dimensions as the drawing
curls around the stone.  And in the flickering light these animals are
moving, one surging rush toward the end of the cavern, like the womb of the
world is giving birth silently to all life in a single hour as you watch.

The artists who made those pictures blew ochre through a tube over their
hand held against the wall.  I think the symbol of the DML should be one of
those hands, the ability of people to pull life into a separate place and
recreate it in images, purposefully make it alive again.
Paleontology is a very human activity.

And I probably shouldn't write a post when I'm tired, should I?