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Re: T. horridus restoration

From: "Patrick Mellor" <patrickmellor@hotmail.com>

Your Tricaratops horridus restoration looks like it has a fenestrated >frill, but triceratops had a solid frill.

Well, look at that! My paleoart has been brought to the attention of the list again! Yeah, I'll admit, the frill certainly LOOKS fenestrated, but it's not. Just some fanciful use of the pencil to make it look a little more rounded. I'll have to be more careful next time. (Besides that, I know I'm not the only one who has commited this sin.)

What are your views on Ceratopsian forelimb posture (the sprawling/non->sprawling debate?).

I'm not overly sure yet. People are saying so many different things at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if the ceratopians had at least a semi-sprawling gait of some sort, but I think I'll wait a bit and see what Dr. Holmes' new _Chasmosaurus_ sp. skeleton has to offer in terms of forelimb gait (since it was preserved in somewhat of a standing position).

Thanks, your drawings are great!

And thank you!

-Jordan Mallon

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