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oviraptorosaurs (sensu lato)

Jaime and others,
Since there is increasing consensus on a large single clade, "oviraptorosaurs" (sensu lato; i.e. sensu Currie and Padian, 1997), I will code it as such:
8A Therizinosauridae
8B Caudipteridae
_a_ Oviraptoridae (incl. Caenagnathines)
I personally find splitting off caenagnathines (hope I spelled this correctly) as a separate family unnecessary and a little distracting (but you can split it into two small families if you wish).
Anyway, here is how I would classify this clade down to the generic level:
8A Therizinosauridae
1 Beipaiosaurus
2 Alxasaurus
3 Enigmosaurus
Erlikosaurus (not sure how to
Nanshiungosaurus code these genera)
8B Caudipteridae
1 Microvenator
2 Caudipteryx
? {{Oviraptoridae}} "sedis mutabilis"
3 Nomingia
_a_ Oviraptoridae
1 Caenagnathasia
2A Chirostenotes
2B Elmisaurus
3 Oviraptor
4 Ingenia
NOTE: I am trying to be diplomatic here exactly where I am placing the {{Oviraptoridae}} marker. Mickey Mortimer would apparently place it as sister group to Microvenator (and he would move the marker up and code it as 1B).
Jaime would place it as sister group to Nomingia (move it down and code the marker as 4). I didn't want to take sides, and who knows, maybe it will instead turn out to be sister group to Caudipteryx (code the marker as 2B). In any case, it is in such cases of cladistic uncertainty that I believe paraphyly to be useful (but rendered "semi-holophyletic" by adding the exgroup marker).
I have been using this cladisto-eclectic system for over 20 years and find it so useful that I never plan to go back to the old nebulous eclecticism (which cladists rightly criticize), but also will not embrace pure cladism (formal paraphyly forbidden) either. To me this is a fruitful middle ground (not to be confused with being partially pregnant). ;-)
------Ken Kinman
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