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Re: K/T impact (was Re: [for some reason] Tim's theory)

On Wed, 16 May 2001 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> Give me a break. This same discussion comes up about once each year. Why not 
> just go back to the list archives and reread the old posts, instead of 
> regenerating them yet again?

Because new data turns up.
Two papers by respected researchers--Currie being one of them (refs. if
needed)--have appeared in the last two years both saying that on land,
except for dinosaurs, nothing much happened in the fossil record.  Two
reports of compelling evidence for post K/T dinosaurs have turned up in
what the authors claim are non-reworked horizons.
Also, other hypotheses for bird and mammal extinctions are
respectable.  But often the open-and-shut-case tone of posts betrays
ignorance of this, or an unawareness that the entire scientific
community is not with them.

Some hypotheses are generally accepted (continental drift, etc).  The
bolide is not one of them--sorry.