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Re: Dinosaurs in space?

       A brain cell that miraculously escaped the last several decades 
unscathed just bobbed to the surface. Do any of you older types remember a 
television series of the late 50's/early 60's titled "Men in Space" starring 
William Lundigan? Even though the stories were fictional, they played it 
pretty straight as everyone was following the events at NASA back then. It 
was more Cape Canaveral than Star Fleet Command, if you get my continental 
       The episode I just remembered involved Col. McCauley (Lundigan) 
finding a fossil on a small asteroid. I seem to remember the thing looking 
like Archaeopteryx. Anyone else remember this? DV PS Hey, I just remembered 
that I had a plastic Col. McCauley space helmet, too. Why is my life passing 
before my eyes?