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Re: Dinosaurs in space (joke)

At 1:58 AM +0000 5/18/01, Ken Kinman wrote:
I stand corrected. <SNIP>
And let's all forget about JP4. How about another sequel to 2001, but instead of starting with scenes of apes fighting off apes with bones and rocks, we could have moon settlers fighting each other with dinosaur femurs and stromatolites. <SNIP>

This gives new meaning to some sort of cross between "Turok, Son of Stone", invasion of the mutant moon people, and algae in space. Which type of dinosaur femur do you propose to have been turned into a weapon? Jawbones still containing teeth would be far better weaponry. FEATHERED dinosaur jaws would be even better.

So for 2001x, when the pod bay door won't open instead of talking calmly to HAL you'll just get the message scrolling that says: "I am the blue screen of death. No one hears your screams."