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Re: Dinosaurs in space?

It strikes me that there are other interesting things than dinosaurs
that might be more worth searching for. There seems to be very little if
any terrestrial rocks older than 3800 MYA preserved anywhere on Earth.
It is probably more than a coincidence that this is more or less the age
of the "late heavy bombardment" which created most of the mare basins on
the Moon. This event must have lofted quite a lot of pre 3800-MYA rocks
from the Earth as well, and some of them must be coming back, since it
is of course Earth that is most likely to be hit by meteorites
originating on Earth. It seems to me it might be worth looking for Earth
rocks of Hadean age among meteorites here on Earth (there would of
course also be a good chance on the Moon, but collecting there is

Tommy Tyrberg