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Re: DML T-shirts anyone?

MKIRKALDY@aol.com@SMTP@usc.edu on 2001-05-18 05:06:08
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First of all, count me in for a t-shirt. I think it is a good idea.

Mary Kirkaldy wrote:

>>I think that would be a good idea, but we must also keep in mind that we
don't know how many people might be interested in submitting a logo design.
Our artists make their living through paintings and illustrations, so we
could not expect them to donate their work any more than we could ask a
medical doctor on the list to do a free diagnosis.  So, we would need to know
how many people might be interested in doing a design, how much it would cost
to produce a t-shirt with a logo, and then how many people would actually buy

I am not a very good artist with pencil and ink, but not terribly bad. I also
know my way around in 3D programs. I personally would have no problem in 
donating art. I might try to earn a living with that stuff somewhere in the 
future. When the idea is more final and we all know what the t-shirt would have
to look like (logo, dino, url and other stuff) I will submit my idea/art (if I 
get inspiration ofcourse) for free. The only thing would be my name: it would
be on the artwork (small size).

>>Mailing shirts to list members around the world could get very
complicated/expensive, so we might also want to think about doing a
downloadable logo which list members could take to their local print shop and
have applied to their own choice (and correct size) of t-shirts.

Sounds like a good idea to keep the budget on this project a bit within reason. 
But personally I also have no problem with the extra costs if a shirt would be 
to me.

Do we have enough people with a positive answer to give this idea green light?