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DML T-Shirt Design Process Idea

Rather than have lots of artists submit finished designs, a practical
process might be to have anyone interested submit a PENCIL SKETCH of a

These could be posted online at a specific URL. (We would be happy to do
it and/or other people have volunteered the same thing).

After a specific time period -- say two months -- members of the list
could vote on the design(s) they like and the artist could then do a
finished version.

Obviously, the artist(s) would have to be agreeable in advance to do
this, so that no one feels put upon or exploited.

The logo could then be available online in a downloadable form. I'd like
to warn people, however, that an image of resolution suitable for
printing (as opposed to viewing online) is quite LARGE. It could be
anywhere from 4-10MB depending upon final size and resolution.

In addition, some company that can produce and mail t-shirts at a
pre-specified cost could be selected. Obviously, they'll want to make
money from it. PaleoArtisans and CafePress are both set up as businesses
to both produce and fulfill t-shirts. The former might be more inclined
to "make a deal"

CafePress is an automated process that involves little or no human
intercession and will do fulfillment anywhere in the world at a slightly
higher cost than PA.

Just a suggestion.


Waylon Rowley wrote:

> No, I'm not selling Dinosaur Mailing List T-shirts
> (yet)....I would still need authorization from the
> list owners and probably USC, but I would like to know
> how many of you would like to own one or two (or a few
> million) if they were available. We have a lot of
> excellent paleo-artists on the DML, so maybe they
> should draw out a T-shirt design and submit them for
> approval to other HP's....It'd be nice to be
> recognized as a list member and have somethin stylish
> to wear at SVP meetings. Just testing the
> water....lemme hear from ya
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