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Re: Same thing?

> > Are coelosaur and coelurosaur equivalent terms?
> They are the same thing, in so far as "coelosaur" is a common
> error!!!  (Some other common typos: "pterodon" for "Pteranodon";
> "tryanosaurus" for "Tyrannosaurus"; "Gigantosaurus" for "Giganotosaurus".

Just to add to the confusion B-) , there have been two different sauropods
that were called *"Gigantosaurus"* (one of them a fragment of an English
?brachiosaurid that AFAIK is now *Pelorosaurus* or something, the other one
was preoccupied and is now ?*Barosaurus*, *Janenschia* and *Malawisaurus*).
        And there is the preoccupied *"Coelosaurus" antiquus*, an
?ornithomimosaur from, IIRC, Maryland....