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Re: K/T impact

> Two papers by respected researchers--Currie being one of them (refs. if
> needed)--have appeared in the last two years both saying that on land,
> except for dinosaurs, nothing much happened in the fossil record.

30 % of lizard species, 100 % of pterosaur species, lots of marsupials, 100
% of zalamdalestids and other basal eutherians, all freshwater sharks of
NA... and something like 3/4 of birds at the very least in dinosaurs.
Freshwater turtles were hit hard enough that the specialized turtle-crushing
alligatoroid *Brachychampsa* died out.
        80 to 90 % of all pollen species of NA! And you write "nothing

> Two
> reports of compelling evidence for post K/T dinosaurs have turned up in
> what the authors claim are non-reworked horizons.

Two? I only know the isolated hadrosaur bone from, IIRC, New Mexico.

> Also, other hypotheses for bird and mammal extinctions are
> respectable.  But often the open-and-shut-case tone of posts betrays
> ignorance of this,

Exactly. Which seriously supported other hypotheses for bird and mammal
extinctions are there -- and, see above, what explains the extinction of all
the others?

> or an unawareness that the entire scientific
> community is not with them.

Irrelevant. Completely irrelevant.
(And if it were... Officer is even more alone than Feduccia...)

> Some hypotheses are generally accepted (continental drift, etc).  The
> bolide is not one of them--sorry.

The hypothesis that birds are dinosaurs (or, formulated according to
cladistic definitions, that crocs are not dinosaurs) is neither B-)

BTW, I think that DML T-shirts or pins are a great idea, too.