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Re: European predator question=)

On Mon, 21 May 2001 23:47:49  
 David Marjanovic wrote:
>> >In addition, there was a very large (11 m or so) abelisaur from the Late
>Cretaceous of southern France (unnamed, undescribed, unpublished in
>technical journals...).
>> What information do you have on this French abelisaurid?  Where was it
>discovered and when?  What material is known?  Are there plans for any
>publication or formal description?
>All I have is rather popular:
>Rachel Fléaux: La terreur du Crétacé. Sciences et avenir, Mai 1999, p. 46 --
>"It must have measured close to 9 m [not 11, my false memory] and terrorized
>the south of France 70 Ma ago. The latest dinosaur excavated from [...]
>[there] is the biggest of the Hexagon [ = France]. A beautiful discovery,
>credited to amateur paleontologists."
>A femur is known, found in a vineyard near Cruzy in the département Hérault.
>Jean Le Loeuff recognized it as a theropod femur, and Éric Buffetaut (just
>having found *Siamotyrannus*) says it could belong to the Abelisauridae.
>Among other European abelisaurs, there is the already-mentioned jaw from the
>département Bouches-du-Rhône (also southern), and *Tarascosaurus
>salluvicus*, half a femur + 2 vertebrae from the département Var (also
>south, see *Variraptor*) that hint at a merely 3 m long animal. (More of it
>is being/has just been excavated near Aix-en-Provence, but AFAIK nothing at
>all is published on this one.)

Thank you, David.

Really, it seems as if a good picture is beginning to develop of a distinct 
French dinosaur fauna, at least during parts of the Triassic and Cretaceous.  I 
wish I would have gotten my hands on the article you mentioned when I was in 
France last month.  Actually, I was able to find a good deal of French language 
paleontology publications, including a few old magazines (one from 1983, 
devoted entirely to dinosaurs, and another from last year).  Now, I only have 
to learn to read French better...


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