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Re: DML T-shirts anyone?

With all due respect, and not wanting in anyway to criticize the intentions,
this kind individual is simply mistaken about the necessity of "color
transparencies." That may be nice, but it's certainly not essential.

In the course of my rambling lifetime, I've been involved in numerous "t-shirt"
making situations, so I'm speaking from experience and not hypothetically.

While one might have needed color transparencies some years ago, it can ALL be
done with digital images these days. The color separations are produced
AUTOMATICALLY from the digital image. In fact, anyone with PhotoShop can do it
themselves at home. PhotoShop has a setting for several different schemes of
color separations: we used to do it every single day for delivery to 
printers for professional newsstand magazines. Not one single piece of
photography was ever involved..

Further, CafePress (which I am not endorsing in any way) does everything for 
and that's why they charge more than, say, PaleoArtists (sp?). I know this for a
fact because I have worked with them. Indeed, a point person will ultimately 
to "appear" to supervise things, but really, it's no where near as complicated 
all this makes it sound. You send them a digital image of a certain size and
resolution and they do all of the rest.

As for the rest of the suggestions, there are certainly excellent points about
relationships with artists, etc. etc. etc., but I'm sure that our fearless list
leaders will deal with that admirably and that none of us need to worry.

While this situation hardly needs more suggestions, it might be an interesting
idea to see if someone will volunteer to coordinate all of this.  I'm only
volunteering (along with others)  to post the selection of images for folks to
vote on. Don't have time to do the rest of it other than offer tons of free
advice!  :-)


> I thank a (hereby) anonymous list member who has extensive experience in
> producing t-shirts for the following comments on our endeavor to create a DML
> t-shirt (forwarded to the list with permission from the author).
> Mary
> mkirkaldy@aol.com
> ____
> --In order to produce full-color shirts, transparencies of the artwork need
> to be shot, color separations made, etc. which will drive the price of the
> shirts basically out of reach unless you are producing several thousand at a
> time.  (Mary's note:  We have about 600 subscribers.  The author did say,
> however, that there is a price break at about 6 dozen shirts.)
> --The suggestion of posting a design for everyone to download to make their
> own shirts individually, is a bad idea because a) in order to screenprint a
> single shirt, you would have to pay an equivalent of what it would cost to
> produce an entire order of shirts, which is prohibitive (!); b) the only
> viable alternative to printing single shirts is to use an iron-on process,
> which basically will not survive a couple of washings c) if people from the
> list are walking around wearing the latter, that is probably the worst form
> of advertising we could ask for!
> --Producing multiple images on a shirt will only result in unfocused
> clutter, and will drive the price up per shirt.
> --also if you use Cafepress or a similar company, be prepared for someone to
> oversee production of the shirts ie. brand, quality of shirt, art
> production, etc.

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