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Re: DML T-shirts anyone?

I thank a (hereby) anonymous list member who has extensive experience in 
producing t-shirts for the following comments on our endeavor to create a DML 
t-shirt (forwarded to the list with permission from the author).


--In order to produce full-color shirts, transparencies of the artwork need
to be shot, color separations made, etc. which will drive the price of the
shirts basically out of reach unless you are producing several thousand at a
time.  (Mary's note:  We have about 600 subscribers.  The author did say, 
however, that there is a price break at about 6 dozen shirts.)

--I highly recommend that any T-shirt produced by the DML should be 50/50
blend over 100% cotton, as the 50/50 has significantly longer wear life and
is a more durable garment overall.

--In terms of T-shirt stock, I would recommend *at least* 10 ounces+ ,
produced by a reputable manufacturer such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan,

--I suggest that you advise potential artists that when a design is chosen,
the artist responsible will be required to provide a letter in writing,
allowing joint copyright ownership of the design between the artist and the
DML, for reproduction purposes.

--The suggestion of posting a design for everyone to download to make their
own shirts individually, is a bad idea because a) in order to screenprint a
single shirt, you would have to pay an equivalent of what it would cost to
produce an entire order of shirts, which is prohibitive (!); b) the only
viable alternative to printing single shirts is to use an iron-on process,
which basically will not survive a couple of washings c) if people from the
list are walking around wearing the latter, that is probably the worst form
of advertising we could ask for!

--Producing multiple images on a shirt will only result in unfocused
clutter, and will drive the price up per shirt.

--also if you use Cafepress or a similar company, be prepared for someone to
oversee production of the shirts ie. brand, quality of shirt, art
production, etc. 

Another thought is that if you oversee the image selection by
voting, be prepared that the scientifically inaccurate image will most
certainly be the one to win!  

Overall, the thought of a T-shirt for the DML is a nice idea.  However, I 
you're going to find that it is a project fraught with difficulties, that
will hopefully not result in animosity and dissension between list members.