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Re: European predator question=)

I've also read of possible tyrannosaurid teeth from the Late Jurassic of
Portugal, though I don't have the reference at hand.  I was skeptical,
but with the new Eotyrannus find a European origin for the tyrannosaurids
seems all the more probable.  Makes me wonder about the place of origin
for dromaeosaurs as well.


On Sun, 20 May 2001, David Marjanovic wrote:

>   what is the 
>   largest predatory dinosaur found in Europe?  In other words, who was "the 
>   king",
> "Das Monster von Minden", a few bones from the Late Jurassic of Minden in 
> middle Germany that hint at something 1.5 times as big as *Allosaurus*, 
> means, 15 m long or so.
>   have there been any "tyrannosaurids" found yet?
> Check the archives of the past few weeks for *Eotyrannus lengi* from the 
> Early Cretaceous of the Isle of Wight (England) -- even though most Britons 
> will probably protest that I call England Europe ;-)
> In addition, there was a very large (11 m or so) abelisaur from the Late 
> Cretaceous of southern France (unnamed, undescribed, unpublished in technical 
> journals...).