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Re: Pterosaurs and ABSRD (sensu Williams)

HPB1956@aol.com wrote:

>  If Dave Peters is right and Longisquama and Sharovipteryx are also derived
> prolacertiforms then ABSRD has another problem. Feduccia wrote in his "The
> Origin and Evolution of Birds" that Longisquama, Scleromuchlus and
> Megalancosaurus were a disparate group of "avimorph archosaurs" from which
> birds are descended. In "Nonavian Feathers in a Late Triassic Archosaur"
> (Nature 2000, vol. 288) Longisquama's integumentary appendages were
> interpreted as nonavian feathers propably homologous with avian feathers. So
> now it's nonavian feathers in a non Archosaur.

That IS the problem... who the hell can confuse Longisquama scales or
'structures' with feathers? They are not only not homologous with feathers but
have no similiraty whatsoever with any known feather (that unless we still have
the caricature of a feather in our heads or you consider insect wings or fern
fronds like good analogies for feathers). There's no real branching whatsoever
and there's a hollow ridge all around it. Should be clear by now that this is
not any evolutionary step towards a true feather.

Luis Rey

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