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Re: DML T-shirts anyone?

<3) The logo should encompass the purpose and essence of the dinosaur list.
We have had several good suggestions as to this so far (thank you to Pat
Norton and Tom Lipka for their input).>

If the company producing the shirts charges the same amount per shirt no
matter how many are ordered, why not have more than one 'winning' entry?
Also, any logo on the web could be downloaded and printed out.  (That's a
good reason for your flat fee to the artist idea.)  It could also be turned
into wallpaper or a start/end screen, or even made part of a screensaver.
Possible to have an 800/600 already available?  This would also allow a bit
more expansive a picture than could be printed to a garment (in fact the
garment could contain a cropped portion), and avoid extinction in the
washing machine.
For anyone concerned, I'm not reminded of an extended metaphor, though I am
still hoping for an anchisaur.