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Re: DML T-shirts anyone?

At 10:48 AM 5/20/2001, Mary Kirkaldy wrote:
2) This would not be a for-profit enterprise, and if for some reason there was money left over from the sale of the shirts, those funds would be donated to a paleontological cause on behalf of the DML. Mickey Rowe is a scientist so he doesn't need millions of dollars in t-shirt monies.

I like the idea of donating the money to the SVP. Maybe it could pay for page costs for a dinosaur submitted article in the JVP?

5) The winning artist will receive an as-yet unspecified sum as payment for the exclusive and perpetual use of the DML logo, along with full credit for the design. We obviously don't want someone to get mad and take his logo with him.

Would this mean collecting money ahead of time or tacking on to the price of the shirt? How about paid entry to the SVP meeting and a presentation at the DML breakfast (obviously if the winner can make it)?

6) We can probably create a web page for the purposes of selecting the
design, ascertaining how many people are interested in ordering, and giving details on how to do so. I think that a printing and fulfillment company would be the best choice so that no one on the list has to bother with payments and mailing. No company has been selected for this.

I am still offering to host a spot on the web to post entries and am willing to do the receiving and tallying of votes at the end.

7) Since this would "officially" represent the dinosaur list, Mickey Rowe and I reserve the right to veto any aspect of the proposed enterprise.

I assume this means no mating Carnotaurus drawings? ;-)

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