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DML T-shirt costs

Well, i've been lookin around and comparing prices
over the past couple days (in addition to my dreadful
job on the graveyard shift at Slaveway errr...Safeway)
and it seems that the cheapest *quality* shirts I can
get will cost me about $6-8 after printing. So, I
think the best way for us to go will be through
CafePress.com - you get an online "store" that we can
post our logo designs on, they handle money
transactions, and shipping....pretty much everything.
At the most i'd be making 1 or 2 dollars per shirt.
But if i'm only going to sell 30 or so shirts to you
guys, why worry about making a lot of profit? Cost
seems to be important to you guys (since many of you
must pay to ship these puppies around the world) so
maybe we should just agree on a graphic and have them
produced cheaply and quickly from CafePress.com. Since
I have virtually no experience in web page design, and
since this is really a rather simple matter of
e-mailing a logo to them and setting up an account, I
don't see how my services can be of much use anymore.
I don't have the time to set up an account with them
just yet, but hopefully I will tomorrow. Once that's
in place, i'll just turn it over to you guys and the
voting/submission process may commence :) BTW, my vote
goes to *anything* by Todd Marshal....his
Cryolophosaurus pencil drawing is amazing as well as
the Spinosaurus...probably the best paleoart I have
ever seen. TTYL HPs 


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