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Re: Yixian Fossil (was Re: Sinornithosaurus and Negative Evidence)

    I´ve seen some simillarities between this fossil and the
_Heterodontosaurus tuckii_ fossil. Maybe it´s just my imagination, or just
an impression of  mine. Could it be an Ornitischian? I think it´s very
probable. It´s foot-claws may have been used to run or to hunt? Well, only a
better and closer look at this fossil could answer this and many other

        Marcel Bertolucci
    ( mbertol@zaz.com.br )
"Dinosaurs are the most interesting and amazing mystery of nature!"

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Subject: Re: Yixian Fossil (was Re: Sinornithosaurus and Negative Evidence)

> > On this topic, someone sent me photos of a certain fossil asking for
> > identification: <http://dinosauricon.com/temp/unknown.html>
> >
> > Apparently it is from the Yixian and in a private collection. (That
> > legal, is it?...)
> To export fossils from China is usually illegal, AFAIK.
> > It looks kind of like an ornithischian to me, but the
> > preparation and my identification skills are both too poor to be
> I'm sure it is an ornithischian, judging from skull and foot shape.
> > It has no halo,
> But it has some black stuff on e. g. its back. This even looks fibrous to
> (well, the preparation is poor, and the resolution also isn't so perfect
> that I can substantiate this).