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Yixian Fossil (was Re: Sinornithosaurus and Negative Evidence)

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Tim Williams wrote:

> The Yixian ornithischians (_Jeholosaurus_, _Psittacosaurus_) show no such
> "halos".  Just the theropods and birds.

On this topic, someone sent me photos of a certain fossil asking for
identification: <http://dinosauricon.com/temp/unknown.html>

Apparently it is from the Yixian and in a private collection. (That isn't
legal, is it?...) It looks kind of like an ornithischian to me, but the
preparation and my identification skills are both too poor to be certain.

It has no halo, so that would certainly be consistent with it being
ornithischian. (Could it be _Jeholosaurus_? I've never seen any photos or
illustrations of it.)

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