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In a message dated 5/18/01 11:01:44 AM, kinman@hotmail.com writes:

<< That is why I completely abandoned the name Condylarthra. >>

No. Condylarth is a very good term to describe the ungulates of the K/T 
boundry and Paleocene. After all, this was a time when ungulates hadn't 
diversified into the current groups. The condylarth ancestors of horses and 
whales were, during the Lancian and early Paleocene, far more closely related 
to each other than they are to their modern descendants.

Also, since so many on the list are enamored of calling modern birds 
dinosaurs and imagining that sparrows are teensy t-rexes, why do you object 
to looking at a picture of a hyrax and saying "This is a Condylarth!"

After all, a hyrax LOOKS exactly like a Paleocene condylarth was supposed to 
look like.

eric l.