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Re: ammonites vs. fish at K-T

 "But the [iridium-bearing K/T boundary] clay bed was black, smelled
sulfurous, and had no fossils except for fish bones. During the time interval
represented by this 'fish clay,' the healthy sea bottom had turned into a
lifeless, stagnant, oxygen-starved graveyard, where dead fish slowly rotted." 

 That's an (admittedly singular) example of what I would consider odd.......where are all the ammonite shells, larger -species bones etc....
cheers, martin
I'm sure there's much discussion about this in the archives. Just so much --
1. The animals that died in the impact would have died anyway within 100 years or so. Now you try to tell 100 years and 100 days apart in a sediment.
2. Acid rain and the Self-Cleaning Impact: http://www.dinosauria.com/jdp/fossil/bonez.htm