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Re: dromaeosaurid intelligence

--- James Farlow <farlow@IPFW.EDU> wrote:
> Based on my experience with emus, this means that,
> to take a scene from JP1, a person wouldn't have to
> worry about dromaeosaurids figuring out how to turn
> door knobs to get at tasty preteens hiding in a
> room.  The really interesting question would be
> this:  Given an open doorway with no obstruction,
> would a dromaeosaurid be able to walk through
> without slamming into the wall on either side of the
> door?

Well, maybe; emus aren't much for hunters, are they? 
Perhaps hunting birds make a better analogue for
speculating intelligence in carnivores than
herbivorous/insectivorous birds.

I think diet/lifestyle would probably have a great
deal of influence in determining an animal's "intelligence."

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