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Re: On naming taxa

George Olshevsky writes:

> As usual, Mickey is taking great pleasure in beating a very dead horse.

As list owner I will first publicly caution George to step a bit more
lightly.  This sort of dig is unwelcome on this list irrespective of
to whom it is directed.  Anyone who thinks I'm being too sensitive I
ask you if you'd call me out of line if I'd written:

As usual, Mr. Olshevsky missed the plainly obvious point.

As list participant I'll return to the discussion:

> Even I agree that the three genera I proposed in my 1995 tyrannosaur
> articles are junior synonyms of Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus. 

The topic George broached and I continued was whether or not it was a
good thing that names need to be registered in order to be valid.
Whether or not any particular names are considered by anyone to be
junior synonyms under either system is irrelevant.  What is relevant
is the process by which the names were created and whether or not that
process is one that should be allowed to continue unchecked.

> But in any case, and much to the annoyance of dinosaur
> paleontologists everywhere, I'm sure, they >are< published names
> available under present ICZN rules, despite their first appearance
> in a popular Japanese dinosaur publication.

Hence the requirement for registration can be considered an
improvement since it would do away with problems such as that.  I rest
my case.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)