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Re: dromaeosaurid intelligence

James Farlow wrote:

> Based on my experience with emus, this means that, to take a scene from JP1, 
> a person wouldn't have to worry about dromaeosaurids figuring out how to turn 
> door knobs to get at tasty preteens hiding in a room.

Let alone having hands constructed so they would have been able to  open them. 
If we were pushed to >really<
portray them as intelligent as chimps(which is beyond laughable), we'd have to 
make them use the jaws to open the doors instead of those sideway-motion, 
wing-like folding hooks they had for hands.

But then... who's Spielberg to care?  He only wants 'realistic' monsters, not 
accuracy. Get me Monty Python or Terry Gilliam anytime, they'd do a better job 
and the humor would be intentional!

Luis Rey

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