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Would the Real Dromaeosaur please walk thru the door?

On Tue, 22 May 2001 11:30:41 -0700 (PDT) Oscar Quill <stonebugdotnet@yahoo.com> 
>--- James Farlow <farlow@IPFW.EDU> wrote:
>> Based on my experience with emus, this means that,
>> to take a scene from JP1, a person wouldn't have to
>> worry about dromaeosaurids figuring out how to turn
>> door knobs to get at tasty preteens hiding in a
>> room.  The really interesting question would be
>> this:  Given an open doorway with no obstruction,
>> would a dromaeosaurid be able to walk through
>> without slamming into the wall on either side of the
>> door?
>Well, maybe; emus aren't much for hunters, are they? 
>Perhaps hunting birds make a better analogue for
>speculating intelligence in carnivores than
>herbivorous/insectivorous birds.
>I think diet/lifestyle would probably have a great
>deal of influence in determining an animal's "intelligence."

I couldn't agree more with that. Lifestyle has EVERYTHING to do with an animals 
behavior. And diet follows right after. Directly assimulating dromaeosaurs with 
emus is a step in the wrong direction. You can't just pick a large bipedal bird 
and compare attributes with dinosaurs, just because there is speculation of 
relations between the two. If anything, birds of prey would have more 
similarities with theropods than enus. You are making dromaeosaurs look like 
are overgrown parrots in cumbersome fightless bird bodies. On the contrary, it 
easy to assume these animals were far from stupid, we have found them in 
supppossed packs. Struthioformes are not hunters, per say. And they don't hunt 
packs and round up prey. And brain size has never been a suitable case for 
measuring intelligence. If you look at what the animal tells us thru the fossil 
record, and not try to see dromaeosaurs thru the modern bird of your choice, we 
have a better chance at having a more open mind on the possibilities of 
dromaeosaur capabilities.

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