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Re: dromaeosaurid intelligence

Christopher Pearsoll wrote:

> While I find it a little difficult to buy the idea that Velociraptor
> and it's kin might have had the intelligence of chimpanzees, I don't
> see how such a notion can be so easily dismissed.  Granted, even
> Utahraptor's brain isn't the same size as that of a chimpanzee, but is
> there a clear correllation between brain mass and IQ?

Although the relation between brain size >inside a specific species< is
irrelevant, there IS a correlation between brain size, intelligence and
general body mass between species. The brain of a whale (or of an
elephant) is bigger than ours but not proportionately to body mass.
And there's a much more clear correlation between brain organization,
complexity  and intelligence... and increase of brain size helps
(obviously). The reptilian brain is much more stereotypical in behavior
than a mammal's . If the brain of Velociraptor was like that of a
chicken... can the scope and spectrum and sophistication of mental
capabilities of a chicken be compared to those of a chimpanzee... or
even to us?
Can a chicken >develop< its own mental scope to the extent of what a
chimp (or us) can?
Is there any animal with the size of a Velociraptor's brain living today
that behaves or has the potential of a chimp's?
At least we have  more or less the choice of >not< to learn with, waste,
misuse or  abuse that spectrum of capabilities and be dumb (our big
brain can also be our own handicap).

A turkey can't be dumb... it is just what it is...doesn't have a choice!
So let's not accuse it of being dumb when it tries to mate with a wooden
stick with a dummy head or drowns if it rains.
In the meantime... if is has the brain of a chicken or a crocodile... we
may safely expect that it is completely ridiculous to think that the
animal would behave like a chimpanzee.

But then, I still have hopes for the next Alien movie. At least we don't
need accuracy there.

Luis Rey

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