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Re: Theropod hands (was Re: dromaeosaurid intelligence)

David Marjanovic wrote:

> > Let alone having hands constructed so they would have been able to open
> them. If we were pushed to >really<
> > portray them as intelligent as chimps(which is beyond laughable), we'd
> have to make them use the jaws to open the doors instead of those
> sideway-motion, wing-like folding hooks they had for hands.
> Don't you think they might have accomplished that with their ~opposable
> thumbs?

No way. Those were good for holding branches or prey, but it was probably
impossible to skillfully manipulate anything with them. The picture in my
head is: Open the wings,  run, jump and slash and tear while using the pedal
sickle claws as mountaneer hooks... and probably run afterwards and let the
poor wounded animal bleed to death. The teeth were far too small to really
do much of the damage (at least for bigger prey)

> BTW, letting Monty Python do a JP is a very good idea!

I'm sure it would be awe inspiring.

Luis Rey

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