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Re: causes of K-T ferns

    Even if the iridium font is volcanic, how so many volcanoes could erupt
so quickly in so short time if not by a greater force, such as an impact by
a meteor, or a small comet or whtaever it could have been?
    I´m not saying that the impact is the cause/only cause of extinction,
but the cause of the big K-T volcanic eruptions.

        Marcel Bertolucci
    ( mbertol@zaz.com.br )
"Dinosaurs are the most interesting and amazing mystery of nature!"

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> << An alternative source of iridium--volcanism--has also
>  been confirmed, whereas the link between such evidence and impacts is
>  probably mostly conjectural. >>
> The isotope ratio in the iridium more closely matches that in
> extraterrestrial sources rather than that in terrestrial volcanism. The
> people who proposed an extraterrestrial source for the iridium did their
> homework in this respect.